Omar El Akkad's American War - Review

It's a novel predicting a grim future where climate change and internal conflicts have caused tremendous damage. North and South are divided, not by the racial lines, but by the usage of fossil fuel, so severe the division is that a second Civil War starts in 2075 and ending in 2095, costing millions of people their lives in the process.

Omar El Akkad's American War is written well, has good characters development, plot and fast moving story, and I felt while reading it that the writer has written this novel as a metaphor, pointing to the eerie similarities between our contemporary world in early 21st century with the mere six to eight decades in the future.

The story of an innocent girl named Sara T. Chestnut (Sarat) and her family, suffered from the war's violence. A born curious and exploratory girl, who might in better condition could have become a great scientist or a writer, Sarat gets manipulated by war veteran man named Gaines, who utilizes his charm and eloquence to…

The Lost City of the Monkey God - A True Story - by Douglas Preston - Review

I thought it would be a very different sort of book, like adrenaline pulsing adventure story. The Lost City of the Monkey God - A True Story by Douglas Preston turned out to have more nuanced actions but more thoughtful observations about the archaeological exploration, Honduran politics, academic squabbling and the terrible parasite based disease called Lieshmaniasis, a disease that the millions of people in bottom rung of the economic ladder have to face without generating much interests from the big pharmaceutical companies as less money to be made from researching and developing vaccines and other medicines combating this "poor" world disease.

The author's exploration of the lost city in the La Mosquitia region of Honduras, along with archaeologists, film makers, photographers and military proctors, are well described, including the tremendous daily struggles that all of them had to go through. Historic accounts were given about the lost city, and earlier explorers, t…

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and The Dark Net by Benjamin Percy

In November I finished reading two books. First was Benjamin Percy's The Dark Net and the second one was Blake Crouch's Dark Matter.

Both of them are thrillers, well paced, good story plots.

The Dark Net felt like a science fiction in the beginning but it turned out to be a super natural story. Not bad as a page turner, but I think the author Benjamin Percy has much more potential than he displayed in The Dark Net. He pointed some of the darkest corners of the web and how it can spirals out of bound, ushering in the dark ages of future. Plausible.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch has a good story plot, that unfolds fast and furious. The quantum mechanics based theme, the Schrodinger Cat theory, alive and dead at the same time, the multiverse, the intense longing to return to the loved ones made the reading memorable.

Blake Crouch's writing was fluid, some of the words and sentences I found to be profound, quoting a few below:

"And maybe that’s what makes tragedy so tragic.…

Origin by Dan Brown - a Review

Dan Brown's latest novel "Origin" is an entertaining book. Like his previous novels, the author has created a page turner, though the main plot of the book I found to be not too shocking as I could deduce it from the very early on, however, I found this as an absorbing reading because of its presentation of two very basic questions of humanity:
Where do we come from?Where are we going? Like the other classic Dan Brown's novels, the protagonist professor Robert Langdon embarks on a whirlwind adventure finding out the puzzle left by a brilliant scientist and futurist Edmond Kirsch and his progeny the artificial intelligence entity called Winston. What is a bit different in Origin than say from Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons is that unlike the more narrower scope of previous stories, this one tries to answer the existential questions of humanity. Some of the pros and cons presented regarding life's origin, it's undeniable future progression and the rise of t…

I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes - A Review

Terry Hayes' I am Pilgrim is probably one of the best spy thriller books I've read in recent days. More than 800 pages long but packed with heart pounding actions, deep character development along with the writer's observations of socioeconomic malice abundant in many parts of the world. The protagonist and the main villain, both of them brilliant and determined in their own cause, and the various events that led to the final climax was breathtaking. This was a page turner and the writer Terry Hayes is prolific in his words, describing scenes in detail as if I was watching a movie. It proves the brilliance of the writer's screenwriting ability that he transformed into this unputdownable book.

Some of the acute observations that protagonists and other characters made are memorable. Here is a quote:
"Edmund Burke said the problem with war is that it usually consumes the very things that you’re fighting for—justice, decency, humanity—and I couldn’t help but think of …

Sharata Bikel Amar Akela Kete Jai - An Instrumental Music

An instrumental music of a nostalgic song from my childhood. I don't remember all the lyrics but still remember the melancholic tune that I played in my keyboard tonight. A few lines of lyrics that I can remember:

সারাটা বিকেল আমার
একেলা কেটে যায়
শুধু তোমায় ভেবে ভেবে
সময় যে কেটে যায়

ছোট্ট বেলার
পুতুল খেলার
সঙ্গীরা কোথায়?

এখন দিন গুলো
যেন বছর মনে হয়
আবার রাত গুলো
যেন বছরে ফুরোয়


এই অবেলায়
এই অবেলায়


ছোট্ট বেলার
পুতুল খেলার
সঙ্গীরা কোথায়?

English translation:

My all evening
passes alone
Only thinking of you
all the time is spent

Where are all the childhood friends?

Now the days seem like years
Even the nights ends in years


In this wrong time
In this wrong time


Where are all the childhood friends?

Rocket Man vs Con Man - a Poem

Rocket man goes
Look at me, look at my shiny toys
They fly higher, girls and boys
I am the scariest, craziest loon
Can eat ice cream without the spoon
My dancing is the best and daring
As my frown frazzles the fools blaring
Idiotic tirade at me and my people
Who have freedom like the best sheeple

Con man goes
Look at me, look at my grimy palm
While I scare the hell out of calm
My toys are bigger, stronger, snappy
I have the smartest brain from almighty
My loud mouth is the coolest and caring
As my cold stare rattles the louts flaring
Nonsensical protests at my twittering policy
I love liberty and life for the docile polity

A toddler goes Toddle, toddle, toddle I am walking! Don't befuddle! Cuddle me! Hug me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Feed me and stop watching TV Daddy! The Rocket and the Con Man Are too naughty to play