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Steaming hot tea linked to cancer

Oliver Childs, a spokesman for Cancer Research UK, said: "Tea drinking is part of many cultures, and these results certainly don't point to tea itself being the problem. "But they do provide more evidence that a regular habit of eating and drinking very hot foods and drinks could increase your risk of developing cancer of the oesophagus."
Disturbing news. New studies, new findings. Hot, hot tea is bad, not too hot is cool. We all die in one way or other, now that's the point to drool.


Bangladesh: Investigate Torture Allegations

The deaths of Border Guards in apparent tortures should be investigated. After the horrendous massacres of army officers, their relatives and others in the last week of February, Bangladesh has fallen into the trap of closing eyes to any kind of tortures befalling on BDR members who were detained for the alleged involvements in the massacre. The brutal murders of army officers were reprehensible and were condemned wholeheartedly by all the civil quarters, however, Human Rights Watch rightfully observes that "the government should resist demands and threats from the army for summary justice and ensure that all those detained are treated properly."

Amnesty International says, "The exact number of BDR personnel held is not known but government sources have put the figure at more than 400. Little independent information is available about the circumstances under which the detainees are held, or their treatment in custody. In the vast majority of cases, family members have no…

An Example of Radicalism

Taken from Nowshin's page, this video gives a prime example of a radical fundamentalist who is doing great harm to his nation and creed than benefit. There should be more awareness and resistance to hatred spewers like this hideous creature who boast himself to be a human being without having the shred of universal humanity left in his heart.

Genda Phool

Another hypnotizing song from AR Rahman, the maestro, whose brilliance is evident in this mesmerizing melody from Delhi 6.

Blackburne - Blanchard, King's Gambit Declined

1 e4 e5
2 f4 Bc5
3 Nc3 Nc6
4 Nf3 exf4
5 d4! Bb4
6 Bxf4 d5
7 e5 Bxc3+
8 bxc3 Be6
9 Bd3 h6
10 0-0 Nge7
11 Rb1! b6
12 Qd2 0-0
13 Bxh6 gxh6
14 Qxh6 Ng6
15 Ng5 Re8
16 Rxf7 Bxf7
17 Qh7+ Kf8
18 Qxf7# (1-0)

From Irving Chernev's Logical Chess: "The danger in playing plausible but perfunctory chess is finely illustrated in this game. Blackburne, who played this and seven other games simultaneously while blindfolded, relied on order and method to achieve victory."

Scientists warn of catastrophic rises in sea level

"We are setting in motion processes now that will lead to sea level rises for centuries to come. They will burden many generations coming after us.”Maybe, long from now when our generations are all gone, historians of future generations will portray us as uncaring and uncouth bunches who ransacked and pillaged the word and its resources like ravaging thugs, without remorse. Perhaps, the war hating theologians or evolutionary scholars will utter the words of disrespect: "holy good riddance!"

World will be renewed with new vigor. In new ages not foreseen and conceived with our tunneled imaginations, new generations of human beings or other more advanced species will emerge to replace past's destructive ignorance with caring knowledge and renewal of life.

It wouldn't be so gloomy world after all when we are all perished and new life sweeps away our misdeeds. Perhaps, our decaying bones or evaporated "soul", fossilized or otherwise, will be reverberated from…

Furrowed Checkmate - a Poem

Furrowed CheckmateBy Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)March 4, 2009

(Dedicated to the memories of victims from BDR mutiny in Bangladesh)

Into the wild

Where gilded leaves of grass

Fungi, moss and shredded wood

Trespass the land of blitz

Mushrooms, discoloured and defrosted

By beetle predators

Like deflowered umbrella

Open to shed rain and snow falling

Into the fold of disquiet

Have you seen the soaring eagle? Predator?

Pursuing a fleeing parakeet

Swishing by, gliding thru layer

Of deformed cloud and dead cool air

When corpses are buried

Emblazoned guilty and non-guilty are hanged

From ropes of stupor decor

Wild ushers in sweeping swap

Of clammy gambit

Knights, bishops and pawns

Sacrificed for furrowed checkmate

In middle game of force, time and structure

Don’t you mention the endgame!

That remains sanctified for the bamboozled sacred