Friday, June 28, 2013

Keyboard Rendition of "Tomra Jara Aaj Amader Bhabcho Manush Kina" - Lyricist: Masud Karim

My keyboard rendition of Bangla song titled "Tomra Jara Aaj Amader Bhabcho Manush Kina". Lyricist of this song was my father Masud Karim for a movie named Lalu Bhulu. Singer was Khurshid Alam. Title translates to: "You, who are pondering today if we are human being". My father understood the depravity of dehumanization observing how the poor in Bangladesh was treated.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Music Renditions on Keyboard and Guitar

Once I used to play keyboard and guitar a lot. After some gap, I have picked both these up, though still having rusty fingers. A few of the  nostalgic songs I've recently played and recorded at home are available from the following links:
  1. My rendition on keyboard of a Hindi song "Meri Sapno Ki Rani". Singer Kishore Kumar sang it for the Hindi movie "Aradhana" in 1969. Download the mp3 from Google Drive 
  2. My keyboard rendition of this Bangla popular spiritual song "Dui Paharer Majhe" once sung by the beloved singer Fakir Alamgir. Music link
  3. My keyboard rendition of a very old Bangla folk song that I remember listening on the streets of Dhaka in my childhood, mostly by beggars with no hands, or blind, sitting or lying on footpath, asking for mercy of the passersby, and reminding everyone the transient nature of our world. Listen it from this link
  5. Lila Bali Lila Bali - Played this popular Bangla folks song in my keyboard sung by many artists including the legendary Runa Laila. 
  6. This is a guitar tune of a music that was originally sung by Mitali Mukherjee. Song title is: "Ei Duniya akhon to ar shei duniya nai, manush namer manush ache duniya bojhai, shei manusher bhire amar shei manush nai", meaning "This world is not that same world any more, man named man is full of the world, but in this crowd of human beings, that kind of man does not exist any more." Link to music.