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Conveyor Belt -- a Poem

Conveyor Belt

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
October 30, 2005

Is there nothing
to write about
to muse
at the expense
of voluble time?

What is it to write?
Has the world sucked in
all the remaining desire
for a story to be renewed?
Or foretold in vigorous charm?

All one can see
is oceanic depression
in mid level ridge
as the sea spreading
and washed out sediments
gorged inside earth
like a large conveyor belt
carrying all the filths,
impurities, human destructions
into the warmth of deepening earth

See these gift baskets, immaculate
ribbons from haven, merrily glistening
And look at these crispy notes
dollars, yens, euros, takas, rupees,
silver coins, loonies, toonies,
discolored paishas, chiming dimes
smart cards, credit cards
roars of laughter, moans of agonies
overspilled hatred corner to corner
hand in hand with Halloween costumes
Goblins and make believe ghosts
nudging the would be assassins,
the human bombs, mechanized torpedoes
blowing up everything you love, live for

Brewed gourmet …

Mud -- a Poem


By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
Summer 2005

Mix of Sun and cloud
today's weather
So defiant, so proud
thunder chatter

You walk under hot sun
cloudless sky raging blue
not a bird in sight
boorish road splashing hue

Here, the world is quiet
a lazy day of summer
wind blows now and then
one or two Ford or Hummer
rushes by green traffic light
and empty parking lot
while homeless and hermits
gawk at colorful plot

Thank God or Devil we are not there
where flesh ripped off bones
innocence vaporized in fiery flare
and dreads for more blood hones
under yearning retribution
eye for an eye, blood for blood
no end in sight for this illusion
world is covered with irresolute mud!

Sound of Suave Lore -- a Poem

Sound of Suave Lore

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
October 27, 2005

Rush, rush, rush the way
and bring me slush of clay
Silly rhyme, meaningless rhythm
on a day of rain and chasm

Suave gentlemen walking by
hand in hand with gorgeous sly
lady and children carrying bags
clapping, laughing amidst bickering nags

You stand there like an wavering tree
staring at the empty lobby
spotless floor, uniformed bellmen
chattering away a day of brewed zen

Sound of guitar, piano muffled
washing lonesome spirit and baffled
heart in a sweeping flush
as if clay of slush
or slush of clay
rush the way
to a rhythmic lore

Don't you dare to snore
on an empty floor!

Europeans declare bird flu 'a global threat'

I don't have to be a scaremonger, the progression of bird flu from Asian nations to Europe and its eventual future migration to every corner of our world is beginning to rattle nerve of many, including mine. No real antidote, anti-virus medicine exists, only "Tamiflu" that according to World Health Organization "could minimize the potency of the illness but was not an effective vaccine against it" Europe started to move in stockpiling Tamiflu, but what about the poor Asian nations? What is the plan in saving millions and millions of citizens of Asian, African and South American nations? Is there really a viable plan to combat a potentially man annihilating virus in place? Would we be caught, again, in our pants down to our ankle, bare naked, like the Katrina romped Louisiana's backyard, front yard, or the devastating earthquake leveling Balakot in Pakistan, destroying all those poorly made homes, buildings that were no match for a 7.6 earthquake? Or would …

Harold Pinter Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

I have not read any of Harold Pinter's writings, and heard his name just for the first time early this morning when the Nobel prize committee announced his name as this year's award winner in literature. A few strokes on my keyboard brought me the following acceptance speech by this British author, it was given at Wilfred Owen Award ceremony earlier this year. Read this speech and you will see how courageous this writer is whose honesty reveals itself in every paragraph. If you are like me so much in dark in world literature, perhaps it is a good time picking up one or two of Harold Pinter's published books.


Wilfred Owen Award Speech - 18 th March 2005
This is a true honour. Wilfred Owen was a great poet. He articulated the tragedy, the horror and indeed the pity – of war – in a way no other poet has. Yet we have learnt nothing. Nearly 100 years after his death the world has become more savage, more brutal, more pitiless.

But the “free world” we are told…

Angela Merkel: Politician Who Can Show a Flash of Steel

Ms. Merkel's assend to the top in German political scene is quite interesting.
As a student of physics she must have keen eyes and ears for natural laws of our world, and perhaps could bring Germany a long sought equilibriam between two bitterly divided factions, the right and left into a common ground. Is it too much to ask for? Her pro-war stance certainly is disturbing, but perhaps that can prove to be usual misstep of many politicians in their journey toward maturity.


Angela Merkel: Politician Who Can Show a Flash of Steel By MARK LANDLER FRANKFURT, Oct. 10 - On Nov. 9, 1989, the day the Berlin Wall fell, Angela Merkel made her weekly visit to a sauna. Hours later, she caught up with thousands of East Germans, who were streaming jubilantly into the West. It was not the last time her rendezvous with German history was delayed.On Monday, three weeks after a deadlocked election that she had once been expected to win handily, Mrs. Merkel finally emerged as the design…

The Timeless Truth .........

Authoritarian way of silencing opposing views cannot be part of modernity, it is like the old days of powerful creationists thumping their voluminous religious texts decidedly, squishing lights out of any vigorous debate requested by the then tormented Darwinists. It seems, at least on the surface, that today's "Intelligent Design" proponents are quite different from their scraggy fundamentalist predecessors, they make "use of generally accepted scientific data and agrees that falsification, not revelation, is the acid test of scientific validity."

"Today, Darwinian fundamentalists fight to keep the evidence of intelligent design in the diversity of life on earth out of the classroom, because that would be at odds with a strictly materialist view of the world. Eighty years ago, the thought controllers wanted no Darwin; today's thought controllers want only Darwin. In both cases, the dominant attitude is authoritarian and closed-minded -- the opposite of…