Conveyor Belt -- a Poem

Conveyor Belt

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
October 30, 2005

Is there nothing
to write about
to muse
at the expense
of voluble time?

What is it to write?
Has the world sucked in
all the remaining desire
for a story to be renewed?
Or foretold in vigorous charm?

All one can see
is oceanic depression
in mid level ridge
as the sea spreading
and washed out sediments
gorged inside earth
like a large conveyor belt
carrying all the filths,
impurities, human destructions
into the warmth of deepening earth

See these gift baskets, immaculate
ribbons from haven, merrily glistening
And look at these crispy notes
dollars, yens, euros, takas, rupees,
silver coins, loonies, toonies,
discolored paishas, chiming dimes
smart cards, credit cards
roars of laughter, moans of agonies
overspilled hatred corner to corner
hand in hand with Halloween costumes
Goblins and make believe ghosts
nudging the would be assassins,
the human bombs, mechanized torpedoes
blowing up everything you love, live for

Brewed gourmet coffee, caramel tea
wafting smoke from posh restaurant
you see protective bankers wobble
in his drunken strides,
serene engineers, smiling doctors
and of course, confident politicians
in polished shoes and emblazoned attire
elevating the meaning of chatter
to a dimension invisible to non-experts
various color, height, weight
wearing slick to unappealing dresses

Food aplenty to dire famine
all are there in this world of ours
We fight, love, cuddle, nudge
destroy and renew each others
with affixed destiny
Our creations, artistry, fortress, mansions
calcerous remains dissipate
in sedimentary or carbonate rocks
hopping on that behemoth
conveyor belt nature built
for nourishing cosmos