Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Doubt Essential to Faith

Powerful words from Lesley Hazleton on doubt and faith. Earlier today I've first seen this respectful writer's another excellent presentation from 2011 on the page of Samira Karim, that made me curious to read up on Lesley Hazleton and I found this TED presentation of her from 2013. Many misconceptions exist about Muslims, and also misconceptions exist among Muslims about people from other religions or non-religion. Having the privileges of living in several countries spread around multiple continents, I have learnt that the core essence of being human with full of hopes, joys, anxiety, fear, dreams and daily struggles are very much the same in every living being of our world regardless of origins, complexion and other shallow worthless and artificial dividers. My humble salute is for Lesley Hazleton, an agnostic Jew, and other fearless and bias-less writers and speakers who are not afraid speaking the truth, and who share many of humanity's common yearning for a peaceful world.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Refugee Crisis

UN's François Crépeau on the refugee crisis: 'Instead of resisting migration, let's organise it' 

"would we find acceptable that our sons and daughters be treated the same way if they were in the same circumstances? If we answer no, then we have the answer to our moral dilemma."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Circle by Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers' The Circle: Well paced and cleverly crafted novel with scary allegories portraying a time not too far in the future. A future that has lots of similarities with our time but that is progressing toward a "complete circle", though benevolent in its purported intention of getting absolute transparency and supposed honesty from every level of the society but as the predatory shark shows in so painstakingly detail metaphor that all the good intentions may get submerged by the base instinct of unchecked predation. Dave Eggers' "The Circle" is a thought provoking novel.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Science on Diets

New science on cholesterol, eggs and vegetarian diets Politics in food! Who knew?

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Social Media is Helping Moms Win the War Over Public Breastfeeding

Social Media Is Helping Moms Win the War Over Public Breastfeeding: breaking the ridiculous cultural fixation. Excerpt fron this good article:

"The problem isn’t social media; it’s our cultural fixation on women as objects to titillate and entertain rather than women as human beings with lives and hardships. By using social media to mobilize our efforts to gain the right to breastfeed without being harassed, we are turning the tide, slowly — one picture, one instance, at a time. But until we can affect a deep change in the way society views women in general, and breastfeeding mothers in particular, we will not be able to win the war."

Monday, April 06, 2015

Vegan diet best for planet

Federal report: Vegan diet best for planet - most possibly is true but the meat industry is too powerful. Change it.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

A Real Life Hero: John St. Jean

A real life hero: "Someone's got to protect the underdog." My utmost respect to John St. Jean. May he recover quick. A man like him is more needed in this world.


How come a mother is prevented to nurse her seven months old infant?

I am flabbergasted seeing this first on Saima Jamal's page. How come a mother is prevented to nurse her seven months old infant? I thought intolerance resides in the faraway la-la-la lands only! Delusional naivete.

From: "I brought my 3 children to "the fun dome" in Edmonton and will never do that again! My 7 month old was fussing and wanted to nurse so I started feeding him and was told by the staff that it was not appropriate to feed him there. I told them that the law states that a breastfeeding mom can nurse her child anywhere she is lawfully allowed to be and was attacked verbally by them and another mother and told that's not how it works here I should go back to my own country (I am a Canadian born and raised, so are my parents grandparents etc) and how could they explain to the other children what I was doing the manager came to talk to me and told me that if I wanted to feed my son I must do it elsewhere so I took my kids to leave while waiting for a taxi outside the general manager came out I told him I'm leaving you don't need to bother me and he said that me feeding the baby is the same as if someone was to come in and start smoking I told him that in no way are those two things even remotely similar then he said that he doesn't want to hear us complain I will never go there again and I will discourage everyone I know from going too Please share so we can get the word out about these kind of places"

Confronting Our Intolerance

We all killed Avijit and Oyasiqur Confronting our own ingrained intolerance is the first step for a better world.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Human right is transcendental

Blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes human right is transcendental, unbounded by any so called "red line". Free Badawi! No compulsion in religion.