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Can You Remember - Mone Ki Pore - a song written by my father

My father Masud Karim was a lyricist, whose many thousands of written lyrics in Bangla songs were played in movies, radio and television programs in Bangladesh. He was a man of poetry and music. A man with humbleness and impeccable character and polite manners, his life was shortened suddenly from cancer, too early in life, when he died in Montreal in 1996. 
The Song's lyric in the video above was written by my father, and sung by a famous Bangladeshi singer MA Shoeb. English translation of this song that I have just completed along with my father's Bangla lyrics is given below. The translation does not come close to the poetic beauty and melancholy that the original lyric depicts, but the essence perhaps be glimpsed and cherished that has the universal appeal.

Mone ki pore akdin amio chilam
tomader shobar majhe
Dukkho shukher golpo kothaey
koto din rat prohor gache
ajo jay emni kore

Can you remember
one day I was also there
among all of you
In stories and chatters
of sorrows and hap…

Why We Can't Do 3 Things at Once

A new study says that human brain is setup to do maximum number of 2 tasks at a time, but no more than that. Here is an extract from
"That's because, when faced with two tasks, a part of the brain known as the medial prefrontal cortex (MFC) divides so that half of the region focuses on one task and the other half on the other task. This division of labor allows a person to keep track of two tasks pretty readily, but if you throw in a third, things get a bit muddled." "What really the results show is that we can readily divide tasking. We can cook, and at the same time talk on the phone, and switch back and forth between these two activities," said study researcher Etienne Koechlin of the Universit√© Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. "However, we cannot multitask with more than two tasks."  Link to the full article:

Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles

Funny but seems true comparing with today's help desk support.
Norwegian Version with English Sub title:


Also, this article written by Jennifer Schuessler published in The New York Times where the above video link is obtained from is a good read that provides a glimpse in history of a man, Robert Carlton Brown who said, "“Writing has been bottled up in books since the start,” Brown wrote. “It is time to pull out the stopper” and begin “a bloody revolution of the word.”

Maybe Kindle, IPad and myriads of other e-book readers are already in the process of revolutionizing the way we read, but the "idea" is not a recent phenomenon.

"When It Comes My Turn"

Great song by a Canadian artist. Lyrics are the following with guitar chords and video:

I'm getting old but I'm not old yet
                 B                  E
I'm already worried that I might forget
How to laugh, how to love
How to live, how to learn
                       B             A       E
I want to die with a smile when it comes my turn

I don't want to get weary, don't want to get bored
Don't want to get tired, walking down this road
I've seen that happen so many times
I just want to believe that its still worth trying


But I know that it's easier said than done
And I ain't that different from anyone
I worry about my money, got bills that I can't pay
I swear I'm more like my father everyday


Maybe I'll start bowling, maybe I'll play bridge
Maybe I'll join a band with my own grandkids
I don't care if it kills me I'm gonna do what it takes
To keep some …

Helping Patients Face Death, She Fought to Live

When on the other side of the needle, thoughts get changed, and the perceptions about life and death get altered. This real life story of Dr. Desiree Pardi serves as constant reminder of this life's fickle existence and very unpredictable demise. Human beings boast in displaying of dazzling weaponry, sci-fi like gadgets and instruments, but our collective effort conquering the basics of human fragility is still at its infancy at reference to: "Helping Patients Face Death, She Fought to Live"
- Months to Live - Palliative Care Doctor Fought for Life - (view on Google Sidewiki)