Bangladesh: Investigate Torture Allegations

The deaths of Border Guards in apparent tortures should be investigated. After the horrendous massacres of army officers, their relatives and others in the last week of February, Bangladesh has fallen into the trap of closing eyes to any kind of tortures befalling on BDR members who were detained for the alleged involvements in the massacre. The brutal murders of army officers were reprehensible and were condemned wholeheartedly by all the civil quarters, however, Human Rights Watch rightfully observes that "the government should resist demands and threats from the army for summary justice and ensure that all those detained are treated properly."

Amnesty International says, "The exact number of BDR personnel held is not known but government sources have put the figure at more than 400. Little independent information is available about the circumstances under which the detainees are held, or their treatment in custody. In the vast majority of cases, family members have not been allowed to meet them. It is not known if they have access to lawyers or can receive medical treatment if needed."

In time of intense grief, fairness and compassion are replaced by the raw emotions of vengeance and retributions. The culprits and criminals who were involved directly and indirectly in the massacre of army officers in Bangladesh should be put to justice, but in a fair environment, where justice is indeed served, not determined beforehand for the sole purpose of satisfying the powerful armed and political entities in the nation, nor for the playful manipulation of fear and anger of mass population into implementing draconian measures into perpetual permanence.