The following poem is dedicated to the loving memories of Belal M. Rokonuddin (Lulu Islam) who has passed away a few days ago.



Lulu, You Will be Remembered in Glowing Sunsets

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

March 28, 2003

It is the horror of war that pained you

It is the endless bombs and deaths

And Generals’ chatters for the “mop up” operation

Troubled you, you were distressed about the world

And the future it holds for our humanity

You cried seeing the ferocious brutality in war

And neo-pundits’ muffled laughter in envisaging reverie to reality

Lulu, you are far away from this hellish mess

Lulu, you are far away from seeing blood and flesh

Being displayed in commercial digits from choked television

Amid the burning smoke wafting in desert and leader’s mission

Of invasion and subjugating an ancient nation

And parades of soldiers, alive and dead, and burnt children’s scream

Made your poetic soul cry out for the loss of sensibility

You shouted for the peace and end of brutality

Lulu, anti-aircraft’s desperate growl won’t disrupt your dream

Lulu, you won’t be seeing the cowardice tango extreme

Whose purpose is to rile up more war and destruction for profits

And shaping the world in might’s hammer for their favorites

Snatching all the places and reining this world of green

By knotted robot conservatives and machine pristine

Lulu, you have departed this destructive world but left your dreams

Remain to be fulfilled by the peaceful generation not the regimes

Of violent sheen erupting from their head to toe in anticipation

For a victory over weak using enforced humiliation

And depriving the child nutrition for decade old maneuvers

In the sky, perhaps, you Lulu, still crying witnessing fevers

Of war rampaging the globe and you Lulu, wished the end of all this intimidation

And wanted to see peace returns to earth, not proceeds seeking obliteration

Lulu, you will be remembered in your melancholy poems and literary besets

Lulu, you will be remembered for your innocent wishes in glowing sunsets