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Yahoo has done commendable job in promoting Cancer Prevention theme in its home page. June 1st was the National Cancer Survival Day. The following inspiring quotations of leaders and celebrities provide hopeful messages beating Cancer, the big C. Cancer is one fight that human species must win, and this is a winnable battle. Early detection is one of the keys beating cancer now, but there are tremendous amount of scientific research going on around the globe. Hopefully, with combined efforts, the ingenuity of men and women will make cancer the defeated disease for our and future generations.

Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
June 2, 2003

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"Like so many others, I became more intimately involved with the fight against breast cancer when my mother, Carol, was stricken by this terrible disease in the late 80's. What I found to be particularly troubling was that while the rate for breast cancer was at an unacceptable 1 in 9 women nationally, the local rate on Long Island was a disproportional and catastrophic 1 in 6. For nearly a decade, my mother and her friends have provided support, raised awareness and funds to help find a cure through the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund."

- Billy Baldwin, (Actor)

"As a cancer survivor, I cannot overstate the importance of early medical screening. Early detection has saved thousands of lives, including mine."

- Roy Blunt, (House Majority Whip)

"Because of the medical industry's advances in detection, I was able to stop cancer before it started. The awareness of modern prevention, early detection methodologies and modern treatments remain key to the battle to beat cancer, and I'd like to remind the American people that this is a fight we should all be determined to win."

- Conrad Burns, (U.S. Senator, R-Montana)

"The National Cancer Survivors Day is an opportunity for all of us to recognize that there are people who have survived this disease and can be an inspiration to all those who are facing the challenge of cancer. Let us learn from these people and put our collective efforts in doing everything possible in overcoming this disease."

- Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP, (The Chopra Center at La Costa Resort and Spa)

"I lost my brother to leukemia when he was nearly four. Today, he would have an 80% survival rate. Let's keep fighting the fight against cancer!"

- Cindy Crawford, (Supermodel)

"National Cancer Survivors Day is a triumph of human spirit and medical science. It is a testament to how far cancer treatment has come and a tribute to the nearly 9 million Americans continuing to live their lives after a cancer diagnosis. The courage of these survivors is an inspiration to us all. It is also a reminder of what is possible -- and why we must continue this essential work to save lives."

- Tom Daschle, (U.S. Senate Democratic Leader, D-South Dakota)

"I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1986. My cancer was found accidentally - the doctors were looking for something else. Following my diagnosis, I was hospitalized three times and made it through radiation treatment. I have been cancer-free for seventeen years now. I know how lucky I was that my cancer was found in the early stages, when chances of long-term survival are close to 95 percent. But no woman should have to depend on luck when it comes to deciding life and death. There is still no early detection tool, like a mammogram, to detect ovarian cancer in the early stages when it is highly curable, and as a result ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. We need to be vigilant and press Congress, our health research institutions, and private manufacturers to continue the investment in research that will unlock the mysteries that still surround ovarian cancer and give us an accurate screening method."

- Rosa DeLauro, (U.S. Congresswoman, D-Third District of Connecticut)

"Cancer affects everyone, regardless of race, ancestry or gender - we are all at risk. I'm proud to stand with cancer survivors across America as we celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day together. Great progress has been made in cancer research and technologies over the years. I am confident that together, through research, science, and sheer perseverance, we will be able to conquer this disease once and for all. Early detection is crucial in the battle against cancer, where every second counts. Sadly, many Americans, particularly the uninsured, are forced to wait until it is too late to seek proper treatment. We must commit ourselves to ensuring that health care - and cancer detection services - are available to all Americans."

- John D. Dingell, (Congressman, D-Michigan)

"I am a cancer survivor. Although I'm not glad I had cancer, and I don't wish it on anybody, I am better for it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages!"

- Fran Drescher, (Actress, Cancer Survivor)

"I lost my father to colon cancer but am happy to say I have several family members who are long time cancer survivors. Everyone needs to be pro-active and know the various warning signs. We still need to find the cures, BUT early detection and research to make detection easier at earlier stages, along with the treatments needs, is still a must. I salute all those winning the battle."

- Dennis Franz, (Emmy Award winning actor and an NCCRA celebrity ambassador)

"Like so many of you, cancer has affected me personally. My only two sisters lost their lives to breast cancer and two of my brothers also died of the disease. I strongly believe we must do more to fight this disease. One of the ways I feel that we can win the battle against cancer is through increased research. As chair and ranking member of the Senate subcommittee that funds health initiatives, I am proud that we were able to appropriate more than $4.62 billion for the National Cancer Institute. We must ensure that cancer is detected early enough to apply treatments effectively, and we must continue to press hard to find a cure. Together, we can win the fight against this terrible disease."

- Tom Harkin, (U.S. Senator, D-Iowa)

"Cancer has affected each and every person in some way, whether touching a cherished family member, friend or dealing with cancer yourself. The mere mention of the word can invoke terror. My mother survived breast cancer and my grandmother did not. Early detection is the best defense and information and education, the key to staying healthy."

- Mary Hart, (Co-Host, Entertainment Tonight)

"All cancers are terrible diseases and take their toll on a person's life and family. Leukemia left it's mark on my family by taking my father. His passing was a difficult time made easier by my father's personal strength and the advancements in medication. With continued research we are bound to stop these diseases from effecting our families in the future."

- Todd Martin, (Professional Tennis Player)

"I am proud to stand among the over 8.9 million cancer survivors to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. Cancer strikes millions of Americans each year and it is important to remember that the fight against cancer can be won. My support goes to those currently suffering from cancer, and I look forward to celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day with you in the future.

To those who have not been afflicted, preventative measures can save your life. Use sun screen, observe early screening procedures for all types of cancer. But most importantly, be proactive with your health."

- John McCain, (U.S. Senator, R-Arizona)

"I feel so fortunate and grateful to be a survivor of Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed in 1992 and I am so happy to report it is now 2003 and I am cancer free! I feel I owe my good health to several things particularly my wonderful doctors! A positive attitude, which is essential to ones ultimate survival, good nutrition both emotionally and in a dietary sense are invaluable. I balanced my western chemotherapy and surgery with eastern philosophies and practiced meditation, yoga and prayer. I complimented my treatments with herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture to combat my nausea and to help me stay centered and focused. Equally important were my conversations with other women who have gone through the same treatment. It helped me to understand what was ahead of me. Last but not least, the support of my family and good friends was priceless and lots of laughter-the best medicine of all!!! I realize that I am blessed to be alive and every day I acknowledge and affirm that life is a gift--so live in the present!"

- Olivia Newton-John, (Actress, Singer)

"I survived cancer. I'm one of the lucky ones. I strongly believe that with early detection most cancer is treatable, but public awareness and access to low-cost or free cancer screenings is essential to beating this disease. My mission is to share my personal experiences overcoming cancer in the hopes of inspiring others to get tested early."

- Sharon Osbourne, (Cancer Survivor)

"In many ways, going through a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer changed my life for the better. I know it's easy to say now that they gave me the official 'cure.' ...but I've lived every day of my life as if it were my last. I have cherished every single second of every single day. Only we who have survived, are surviving and will survive can understand that. In another way, it seems like a lesson from God to appreciate every solitary aspect of life itself."

- Joe Piscopo, (Actor, Comedian)

"I support the fight against cancer because early detection means the chance of a greater and more productive life."

- Sherri Shepherd, (Actress)

"I support the fight against cancer and the need for researchers to be generously funded because this is one fight we CAN win!"

- Sally Struthers

"My 84-year-old mother from Chackbay, Louisiana is a three-time cancer survivor. But she hasn't let that slow her down. She is a regular competitor in the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games where she has won both the shot put and javelin competitions. My mother is one tough lady and a good example of how proper treatment can save lives. Yet she would not be with us today without the early detection through regular examinations that she received from Medicare. Medical science is advancing at a rapid pace and new discoveries in cancer prevention and treatment are being made each day. I will continue to do all I can to ensure this research receives the support it needs to fight and win the war against cancer."

- W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, (Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce)