Humans and the Beasts

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)
December 6, 2003

Oh the humans! The mighty and ingenuous, and loving, compassionate.

Humans. The destructors, and annihilators of the world.

Humans. The masters of this world. The self righteous, narcissistic beasts.

Humans. The murderers, planners and executors of playful genocides.

Humans feel that they have special place in this world. Humans proclaim that they are the mirror images of God. Humans boast that they are the only ones in the animal kingdom to feel the pains, to feel the sufferings of others, including the other animals. Humans cajole that they are superior to all the other beasts roaming the jungles and zoos.

Humans enact laws, shredding the old ones, championing the rights of men and women, blacks and whites, Hispanics and Asians, Arabs and Jews. And the secret trials, incarcerations and disappearances are reserved for the unfortunates many.

Humans invent, modern comforts flourish, scientific theories topple the old ones by days and months, and there are abundance of food, gas guzzling utility vehicles and BMWs and Jaguars, racing the road, thundering the gravels and pebbles, and homeless folks gathering around the precious fire in subzero night as their ancestors did in that ancient days of invention of fire.

Humans churn out wonderful drugs and medicines, battling cancers, diabetes, heart disease, AIDS and viral infections with the zeal of a fundamentalist, and the bodies of deceased poor, never imagined to grasp the benefits of modern medicines, filling the gaping graves in Africa, and all the other desolate places not to be talked about, ever.

Humans are glued to games and sports, the games of soccer, basketball, rugby and hunting, and the games of wars, in the name of goodness and badness, in the name of wiping out the “evildoers”, or the “capitalist freaks”, the games go on, in floodlight filled arched domed fields, or the musty trenches amid scattering bullets and dying grunts and in the darkened alleys in the rumbling gutter noise from the bomb clutching suicidal maniacs.

Humans utter all the wonderful promises, all the fairy tales for the consumers to dig in, from the podium or the billion dollar media industry, through ether the soothing sounds of leaders plummet into the ears of the less fortunate, they will be free, their freedom and well-being will be taken care of, and there will be plenty of food, healthcare for all, solid roofing and education for the children, all paid for, like in make believe heaven, and humans pat their own back for the two cents worth ruses.

The scriptures denote the salvations for all. Just die righteous and the God will take you to the heaven. This world is only for temporary, and the eternity waits at the end of this lopsided journey. The preachers and Imams and Rabbis shout and scream in the churches, mosques, temples and synagogues. All the misfortunes of human life, all the miseries that the billions fellows are suffering, are for the good. There awaits the everlasting life when everything will be forgotten, the heavenly creatures, virgin women or raisins awash with not-so-forbidden river of wine, and Allah, Avatar, Vagwan or the crucified Jesus Christ will make endless breads, the heavenly ones, all the salvations there to stay for the eternity.

Humans are the masters of deceptions.

[To be continued in Part 2]


Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) is a freelance writer. His email address is: