Saudis Confirm Detention of Blogger

“It’s intimidating to think you might be arrested for something on your blog. On the other hand, this means that these voices on the blogosphere are being heard. But it’s really sad that a blogger who is writing about important issues out in the open would get arrested, while there are extremists who call for violence and hate, and the government is not doing much.”
In Saudi, questioning the royal government's royal imprisonments of opponents is considered so much offensive that the blogger ends up in detention. Read the following comments made by General Turki from Saudi Interior Ministry, “He is not being jailed. He is being questioned, and I don’t believe he will remain in detention long. They will get the information that they need from him and then they will let him go.”

Scary imagery indeed. Could this ever be thinkable or possible in this shore of the land? Deteriorating human rights and increased ratcheting fear may make everything palatable for mellowed populace wherever they may live.