Real Life?

Is this for real? In this millennium of victorious consumerism and comfort feelings arising from accumulating of wealth and power, who in the "right mind" can relinquish all those pounds for pounds of heaps of money to charity? If this story holds true, Australian millionaire Karl Rabeder may prove to be residing in the extreme spectrum of our lost humanity.

Here are a few of his memorable quotes:
"My idea is to have nothing left. Absolutely nothing,.....Money is counterproductive – it prevents happiness to come.....For a long time I believed that more wealth and luxury automatically meant more happiness,......I come from a very poor family where the rules were to work more to achieve more material things, and I applied this for many years,.....More and more I heard the words: 'Stop what you are doing now – all this luxury and consumerism – and start your real life..........I had the feeling I was working as a slave for things that I did not wish for or need..........I have the feeling that there are lot of people doing the same thing.............The tipping point came while he was on a three-week holiday with his wife to islands of Hawaii.
"It was the biggest shock in my life, when I realised how horrible, soulless and without feeling the five star lifestyle is," he said. "In those three weeks, we spent all the money you could possibly spend. But in all that time, we had the feeling we hadn't met a single real person – that we were all just actors. The staff played the role of being friendly and the guests played the role of being important and nobody was real."
He had similar feelings of guilt while on gliding trips in South America and Africa. "I increasingly got the sensation that there is a connection between our wealth and their poverty," he said.
Suddenly, he realised that "if I don't do it now I won't do it for the rest of my life"
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