An Old Song from Bangla Rock Band Miles

One nostalgic song from my past! I loved the music of Miles, a prominent Bangla rock band, composed of some great musicians and singers. I had the honor and privilege meeting with the band after a show in Montreal many years ago. They were awesome in live performance as they were in recorded music. I translated this Bangla song, which is a crude translation, not preserved the beauty of original poetic lyrics.

Din gelo abar di fire elo
Days are gone and days are returned

Shei tumi gele aar fire elena
That you went away and never returned

Kothae acho tumi kamon acho
Where are you and how are you

Akbaro kano tumi dekha dilena
Why weren't you seen atleast once

Din gelo abar din fire elo
Days are gone and days are returned

Amae chere jodi cholei jabe
If indeed you would leave me

Ishaaraae kano kache daakle
Why did you call me by gesture

Ato kache eshe bhalobeshe
So close you came with love

Ojaanae kano shore thakle
Why then have you stayed away in unknown

Jibonta amar bodle gelo
My life has changed

Shopnogulo aaj shunno holo
Dreams today have become empty

Tomar chokhe aaj duchokh rekhe
Today keeping my eyes on your eyes

Shukher araale biroho dekhi
I can see sadness hiding behind happiness

Abar notun kore ashbe tumi
Again you will come like a new way

Shei ashae poth cheye thaki
In that hope I longinly look toward the road

Je mon tomae bhalobeshechilo
The heart that loved you

Ager motoi aajo roye gelo
Remained the same like before