Amar Shonar Bangla - Instrumental Music

Instrumental music of "Amar Shonar Bangla" - a song of Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore). This song is the national anthem of Bangladesh.

This music is dedicated to the memories of millions of Bangladeshi people who lost their lives and millions more who were injured in the terrible war of 1971 and the valiant freedom fighters, artists, musicians, writers, students, professors and many known and unknown souls, whose bravery and courages to realize the dreams of having an independent nation free from discrimination and oppression came to be fulfilled but at the painful cost during and after the war, and though there are often the usual bickering, squabbling, political violence flare up time to time, the essence of core humanity for which this new nation called Bangladesh was born on this day, December 16 of 1971, the struggle continues to this day. The hope is that the new generation will de-clutter all the accumulation of senseless tit for tat cycles of vengeance, and will one day steer this nation of red and green to its achievable promises.

The painful memories of 1971 war is deep amongst the Bangladeshis, who either suffered during the war or its aftermath, or lost their loved ones. I heard the contradictory narratives from my Pakistani friends, and heard another version from Indian friends and my most American friends were oblivious about this war of 1971 as at that time another painful war,Vietnam was in most of their minds.

Reconciliation is surely the way and as part of reconciliation, sincere and direct apology will be one of the first steps I believe, along with acknowledging by both sides that in any war, the separation between good guys and the bad guys sometimes can be difficult if not nearly impossible, as none had their hands cleaned of blood.

The general populace, the farmers, the labourers, the rickshaw pullers, never wanted the war, but there was desperation amongst the Bangladeshis in 1971, many flee their homes to neighbouring India, many took refuge from urban cities to villages like my parents, grand parents and uncles and aunts did, and many took up the arms as the freedom fighters, a few of them were in my extended family.

After so many years have passed, it is not easy to say if the 1971 war could have been avoided, and if so, so many lives could have been saved! But in the long run, the union between East (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan probably could not be sustainable but the bloody war could have been avoided and the separation could have been achieved in amicable political process. Pipe dream? Maybe, but always there is dream before the realization and implementation of humanity's cores, perhaps not for the victims of 1971 war, as only memory's agonies remain, but terrible many other senseless wars that may be lurking and that can be avoided with genuine efforts by many.