Gun Bans in Canada

This seems to be a good step. In a democracy why would anyone need assault-style firearms? However, this arms banning step does not answer the question on illegal guns that criminals can get apparently easily. In Nova Scotia shooting, the gunman obtained his guns illegally, not through any legal means.

I am aware of a huge debate between for and against gun ownership and the historical reasons behind it. In an uncertain time, like any other time really, the law abiding citizens want to get assurances from their elected governments that they are protected and criminals of all kinds don't go rampant with violence. And also one other argument that the pro guns people have that I have seen stems from the sheer mistrusts toward government.

These are legitimate concerns for many nations where democracy is not stable. Canada has a functioning democratically elected federal government, popular opposition parties who has more than 50% of people's support along with provincial governments governed by different political parties. Also, Canada has an independent judicial system, an apparently censorship free news media and journalists who are not afraid to ask tough questions. These all should ensure checks and balances for any government not to overreach in any manners.

Trust is not easy to earn. Trudeau's government needs to think better to win back trusts from many law abiding gun owners, answering their concerns transparently. Comparing to many shambling democracy in our world, many of them are democratic only in name and paper, Canada seems to me is in stronger position in the trust front, however, I can understand the frustrations of legitimate and law abiding citizens' rational concerns.