Perhaps We Are All Culpable Of Our Dying Humanity!

Dear Readers,

Do you feel the similar distress in reading news from Iraq? Do you have the similar urge to avoid reading all these news of mindless killings, maiming and destruction taking place throughout Iraq while the entire world cannot do anything but feeling helpless? Despite my subconscious effort, the mangled and burnt bodies of dying children, women, and men, the lifeless limbs and splattered blood in and around the deepest crater in the middle of busy bazaar or twisted metal of a blown apart car grip me by the throat. Looking through the privileged lens, seating on a comfortable chair while soothing music playing in the background, is it the distance and the increasingly foreignness of this messy illegal war devised and executed by the neocons of similar aloofness, similar thousands of miles distance from the charcoaled bodies of civilians and soldiers of all colors, made it possible for calling heartless shots from a room with a view, away from all the stenches of overflowing morgues, mass graves or chaotic scenes of Baghdad, Fallujah, and Kirkuk? I don’t know about you, but I feel sick in stomach, as if retch and vomit could purge a sick body, as if de-electing and imprisoning these utterly incompetent and dishonest politicians in high places after a due process of law might do the world body a plenty of good.

Consider yourself lucky one, as I do myself, away from war and devastations. But does it make our growing insensibilities, our aloofness for the plight of dying scream of a blasted child any less disgraceful than the implementers and strategists of high salaries? Perhaps, we are all in it, we are all culpable of our dying humanity!


Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

September 18, 2004