Cricket's showpiece just a sham

I do not agree with Chris Rattue's plea "for the abandonment of a sporting world tournament." The writer depicts a strong argument on cricket's past and present problem with "match-fixing" along with other world sports' similar fraudulent episodes throughout the past few decades. One possible solution is to keep the players accountable on their roles in deceptions. Chris Rattue asks: "Why have the cricketers themselves, whose co-operation lies at the heart of these fraudulent operations, not faced the weight of the law? Why on earth didn't a rat like Hansie Cronje end up behind bars?"

Complete abandonment of a sporting world tournament is not realistic, even could be detrimental to the whole cause of world unity, however sacerdotal creed or pompous that may sound, but implementing "laws" to the guilty parties, like the immoral players and the other "match-fixers" could certainly alleviate various "unholy" maladies from the beauty of a world sport like cricket.


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Chris Rattue: Cricket's showpiece just a sham