Viet Nam: Internet activist priest imprisoned

A 60 year old Catholic priest and four of his associates who dared to speak against the Vietnamese government are sentenced to jail today. Here is a response from Amnesty International:

"The politically-motivated charges against Father Ly and his associates are a blatant attempt to silence them and to scare off other critics of the government."

"This sentence means Father Ly will be a prisoner of conscience for the fourth time in two decades. It is indicative of a broader crackdown on dissent by the Vietnamese authorities that has been intensifying since the country held the APEC meeting last November."

"Father Ly and his associates are the first people who have been brought to trial during the crackdown -- we fear others will follow."

"The Vietnamese authorities must immediately release Father Ly, Nguyen Phong, and the three others and stop harassing and arresting those who speak out against the government."

Make yourself aware of what is really going on around the world behind glimmering facades.

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