Cell Phones Increase the Risk of Two Types of Brain Tumor According to Study

I don't know how authentic this study is, but it looks alarming. More authoritative studies and revelations must be done by public health officials around the world who are not tied with cell phone or tech industries. This is a serious issue considering the ubiquitous status of cell phone in almost every strata of human lives from New York to New Delhi, from Chittagong to Caracas, cell phone usage has become part of our life. If there is any truth in these studies, that should be revealed to world populace without consideration of economic impact for cell phone manufacturers and global marketeers. Public health comes first before market consideration. Without a healthy global populace, there is also no profitable market. Here are a few excerpts from this article:

Cell phones are more like radios than traditional telephones in your home. They emit low levels of radiofrequency energy (RF) in the microwave range while being used. They also emit very low levels of RF when in the stand-by mode. Using a cell phone can place the radiation antenna close to the user’s brain and this can lead to the absorption of comparatively large amounts of electromagnetic energy.

There has been an on-going debate about the safety of cell phones for many years. While, not surprisingly, the cell phone industry and various health authorities have assured users that the technology is safe, recent research has suggested otherwise.

Researchers at the Department of Oncology, University Hospital in Sweden reviewed sixteen published studies that looked at cell phone use and the rate of brain cancers. They concluded that:

“For both acoustic neuroma and glioma (two types of brain cancer), overall risk was increased in the whole group, but significantly increased for ipsilateral exposure (tumor on the same side of the brain as cell phone exposure)…These results are certainly of biological relevance, as the highest risk was found for tumors in the most exposed area of the brain, using a latency period that is relevant in carcinogenesis.”

Cell Phones Increase the Risk of Two Types of Brain Tumor According to Study