We're All Suspects

Eroding civil rights, diminishing hopes of freedom in fading twilight of "democracy". Read the following excerpt:
"There is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country where police were allowed to search your home at anytime for any reason; if we lived in a country where the government is entitled to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your e-mail conversations; and if we lived in a country where people could be held in jail indefinitely...based on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, the government would probably discover and arrest more terrorists... But that probably would not be a country in which we would want to live...."

Recognize any of these changes in your country today? Despite Feingold's words, the Patriot Act passed the Senate 98 to 1.

This year, just before the August recess, enough cowardly Democrats gave Bush and Cheney the votes they needed to pass the Protect America Act of 2007, radically expanding the warrantless surveillance of telephones calls and e-mails when Americans communicate with people outside the country or are called from abroad by someone "reasonably" linked to terrorism.

Because of this cave-in by the Democrats, writes Jacob Sullum of The Washington Times, "Americans will have no legally enforceable privacy rights that protect the content of their international communications."

............"We now live in a country where, as I've been reporting here since then, our rights and liberties under the Constitution are even more eviscerated than he could have imagined. And this administration is using the time it has left to make this more of a nation ruled by fear rather than by law, a nation that would spur Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, and George Washington—if only they were still here—to ignite another American Revolution."

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We're All Suspects - As our civil liberties disappear, where are the Democrats?