Human Rights in "Great" Saudi and "Great" Britain

In the afternoon BBC was broadcasting Saudi King Abdullah with Queen Elizabeth II, exchanging their speeches in languages of Arabic and English in a royal banquets, where the glitters of riches from shiny palace decor had matchings of both monarchs' seemingly spotless groomed hair. After their pleasantry filled speeches, camera showed the king and the queen, briefly, in conversations with the help of their interpreters. One may wonder, what were they talking about? When the cameras are off, public views are restricted, what goes through the lips and tongues of royalties? Did they exchange notes on their respective nations' human rights' abuses?

Saudi Arabia is a nation, where human rights violation and discriminations reported to be pervasive. In the name of protecting the religion, self appointed for being keeper of the "keys" of "holy" places, Saudi Arabia's records in keeping women subjugated by denying the very basic rights of movement, placing severe restrictions in women's freedom, even like acquiring drivers license is not allowed. Amnesty International reported widespread domestic violences against women that go unnoticed and unpunished.

Like many other nations, in the name of "war against terror", any kind of dissents against the monarchs' undemocratic, dictatorial rules are considered treasonous, and the current world paranoia has given it more boldness in detaining dissenters, labeling them as "terror suspects", and carrying out swift punishments, either made them rot in torturous prisons or beheading in merciless swing of a sword. Here is an excerpt from Robert Fisk's article in The Independent describing the cruelties of Saudi government sponsored beheading of their "criminals":
"The ritual of chopping off heads was graphically described by an Irish witness to a triple execution in Jeddah in 1997. "Standing to the left of the first prisoner, and a little behind him, the executioner focused on his quarry ... I watched as the sword was being drawn back with the right hand. A one-handed back swing of a golf club came to mind ... the down-swing begins ... the blade met the neck and cut through it like ... a heavy cleaver cutting through a melon ... a crisp moist smack. The head fell and rolled a little. The torso slumped neatly. I see now why they tied wrists to feet ... the brain had no time to tell the heart to stop, and the final beat bumped a gush of blood out of the headless torso on to the plinth"
Great Britain's human rights record is not in tip top shape either. Amnesty International's 2007 report on this "great" nation repeated its earlier concerns from previous years reports, saying: "The government continued to erode fundamental human rights, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, including by persisting with attempts to undermine the ban on torture at home and abroad, and by seeking to enact legislation inconsistent with fundamental human rights. Measures taken by the authorities with the stated aim of countering terrorism led to serious human rights violations, and concern was widespread about the impact of these measures on Muslims and other minority communities."

In High places, among the kings, queens, prince, princess, political leaders, "commander-in-chief", etc., religion is simply a tool, for the control of their "subjects", giving the wider public a feeling of patriotism, nationalistic zeal and blood cuddled fervors, all neatly designed and conveniently chunky doses delivered for public make-belief. When these "great" leaders meet, so publicly, like the king and queen, dictators and presidents, in the wind nature sends its warnings, perhaps something devious, clever, shrewed and crafty ploys in motion. In man made or natural disasters, there are those profit opportunity seekers, for whom democracy is simply nuisance, and for whom progressing their shrouded absolutist agendas amidst artificially created crisis is considered a boon.