Existence, nonexistence

It perhaps is a surprise for many hearing and reading about German professor Kalisch's jolting thesis on the existence of a prophet. For the believers of any particular religion, this claim must be feeling hurtful. However, what does it matter, if any particular historical figure was indeed historical or fictional? Shouldn't the essence and peaceful conveyance of messages for all mankind from divinity above be enough? Remember those sarcastic hoopla surrounding Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code a few years ago? And the zealots' and bigots' shameful thuggeries in protest of ridiculous prophet cartoons?

Even at the time of these prophets, founder of religions, were treated as aberrant nuisance, or radical preachers, freethinkers, the scoundrel heretics. Flowing of time, perhaps luck, coincidence, or carefully planted seeds in the time of antiquity had propelled many of them in glorious position, the holiest, closest to deity any other hapless human being can ever espoused to be. Rivaling religionists marked each other as anti-"this" and anti-"that", as if the "others" are the followers of "darkness", the mushroomed "devil" himself, and "us" the followers of the holy "goodness". This apparent symbolic depiction, in crude reality the pungent tangibles, had cleared the way of endless genocides, enforced servitude and loots from one corner of globe to another.

Think about the very existence of unnamed many whose lives were perished in drum roll violence filled onslaught of conquistadors, inquisitions, jihad, crusades and other forms of crowd pleasing names of war against innocents and helpless. Like a flowing river, time never comes back, but the repeats of vengeance, patterns of deceits and murders of plenty indeed are observable from generation to generation.