A New America?

Is this a historic night? The tears and jeers will subside, as will euphoria and slogans. American Presidential Election mesmerizes the entire wold. The world in seize. Hopes. Dreams. Desperate screams muffled by violet violence.

They say, "Rosa Park sat so King Stands. King stood so Obama Runs. Obama Ran so we all can fly."

Barack Hussein Obama now doesn't need to hide or hush hush his middle name.

Shouldn't he say, "I am Barack Obama, and Hussein is my middle name", without fear or political shame?

"I have a dream............"

A new America, emerging from hundreds of years of brutal past filled with forgotten blood, ashes, servitude and humiliations of unknown many in near and far.

America the compassionate. Not the enforcer of fear, war and torture.

The world trembles, in hope, to see the rising of a peaceful dove.

"I have a dream............."