Response to - The Last Chapter - The Death of the Book

Jesse: Oh Sohel, say it ain't so! I refuse to convert to a digital medium. There's nothing I love more than the weight of a book in my hands, the feel of turning a page, even the smell, lol. Anywho, I don't believe this, I'm at my local library quite often and it's always busy. Some books that I have requested from the library I am waitlisted and I am number 87 on the list or even higher. All is not lost. :)

Like you Jesse, I love to hold a real book, turning the soft and whispering pages, highlight the sentences that I like and most often than not fall in sleep just after reading a page turner chapter of a thriller or a thoughtful non fiction. I also don't believe that the traditional books will disappear soon, but sadly the trend that is accelerating has the unmistakable digital pointer. Libraries that have been cornerstone of disseminating knowledge to people from thousands of years from one form or another, will most likely sustain, but the delivery mode and formats may change, not now, but in future sometimes. Quite possibly, the combination factors of commercialization, environmental impact, and the shifting demand from traditional to newer forms of books will play as the determinants for the fate of yours and mine beloved traditional books.


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