Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

I was perplexed reading the news below that wasn't nationally televised or reported in any mainstream news media to my knowledge. The gruesome reporting that the following article made on this horrific murderous event can rightfully demand its major exposure. What is to fear? Since the victims were "whites" and murderers were "blacks", did that give any reason for subduing and ignoring this news? One probable cause provided by an observer is that murders are so numerous in the United States that it is not realistically possible for the major news media rising them all into the "limelight" of prime media. Only the "sensational" news that will attract national attentions with lucrative profits to follow from sold out advertisements and endorsements are counted in this macabre of analytical calculation. Dead and cold this capitalistic notion is. But unfortunately very cruel truth it is!


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Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian

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