Feeling Like a Trillion Dollars

Perhaps it does not change "the fundamental of an economy", but it surely boosts more confidence among global investors now that India has surpassed a psychological milestone "trillion dollar economy", only 12th nation to do so.

Here is the reason behind India's recent surge in economy:
"..... domestic consumption remains the primary driver of India's economic growth, investment is only a nose behind. Investment rose to nearly 34% of gross domestic product last year -- a sign that the country is building the capacity for higher rates of non-inflationary growth."
What does it mean for India and the neighboring nations in that parts of the world where rampant poverty still rules amongst a large segment of population? Would it lift them from the endless miseries of their daily struggles?

Let's hope it does. Otherwise, this "milestone" shall remain as a symbol of global shame where poverty rocks an empty stomach on the same street where a multi-million dollar high rise building glimmers with its vacant pride.

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Feeling Like a Trillion Dollars