Tale of last 90 minutes of woman's life

Having a few intimate exposures with Canadian hospitals and its nurses and doctors along with long waiting before any surgery dates can be set, and after the surgery the patient being released from the hospital in hurry while droopy eyes, non-responsive legs and shaky feet of loved ones did not invoke any expected sympathy from nursing stations, I thought I wouldn't be surprised reading other news of miseries from conked out health care system in North American continent.

My assumption has proven to be flatly wrong.

A 43-year old mother of three at Los Angeles hospital, Edith Isabel Rodriguez, died of bursting pain from her 10 exploding gallstones while the entire nursing staff, other medical employees, law enforcement officers and the fellow patients present at the moment on that fateful night simply ignored her teary pleas for help. Her begging and screaming from unbearable stomach pain did not generate any kind of humane emotions from indifferent men and women surrounding her. Even the law enforcement officers came to enforce their laws rather than giving helping hands to this woman who was writing in pain on hospital floor.


Agreed that developing nations have more severe and horrific conditions in their out-of-dated, not enough medical staff, and poorly managed hospitals and clinics, especially the poor who are the most sufferer since the rich and high level politicians can spend their almost endless treasure chests paying for the best medical services that money can buy. Edith Isabel Rodriguez was not from that part of world where having the right amount of money is absolutely necessary to get proper treatments, otherwise one can start writing last rights with genuine earnestness. She was from the nation of "glory" and immeasurable power, that boasts its humanity even in the midst of world wide scattered bomblets rupturing lives in vicious precisions and secret prisons filled with pumped up charges.

Ms. Rodriguez's death may bring down more allegations and eventual charges and disciplinary actions on nurses and other medical staff involved in due course of time, however the fact remains that it was mostly the heartless indifference among the people who surrounded her in her last 90 minutes is the source of this tragic event in sunny state of California.

This time around, my assumption is not off the base.


Link to LA Times article:
Tale of last 90 minutes of woman's life