Here's Looking at You, Universe

There's looking at me, Universe. From here, there, up above, below the ground, in the gusty wind of blooming spring, the Universe is glaring in its infinitesimal cosmic glare, in unperturbed flare.Only 5% of the entire universe is known as the "standard model" that is understood by us, the "intelligent" human beings. The rest is called either "dark matter" or other exotic name, possibly side stepping our own bleating ignorance in the form of long and sinuous equations in improbable permutations.

Expanding universe, exploding massive star like Eta Carinae - "a monster of a star -- something like 120 times the mass of the sun,
and roiling, heaving, spewing out gobs of star stuff in what may be the
prelude to a cataclysmic bang, a supernova unlike any seen before. If it blows, you might be able to read a book by its radiance at night
-- unless it fires a narrow beam of gamma rays right at us, in which
case all bets are off. One astrophysicist on hand said, "It would
probably destroy all the ozone in the atmosphere." Similar to what we
tried to do ourselves, before we banned those nasty
chlorofluorocarbons. Eta Carinae would be like a giant can of 1950s
hairspray. Not a pleasant picture."

Not a pleasant picture. But not to be worried. Yet. Since calculation has shown that "Eta Carinae has already spewed forth two huge lobes of material. They're not coming our way." -- we can all relax back to our cocooned world of dreams.



Read this excellent article from The Washington Post link below:

Here's Looking at You, Universe

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