Kazumi Saeki's article surmises the horror of earthquake, tsunami and unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan. It feels like a slow moving runaway train, moving with all of its ominous momentum for the catastrophic possibility. The writer opines that "Now an invisible pollution is beginning to spread. People have acquired a desire for technology that surpasses human comprehension. Yet the bill that has come due for that desire is all too dear."

Yes, indeed. Human beings still remain vulnerable in front of the rapacious wrath of nature,but that still does not absolve the stupendous guilt of choices building nuclear plants on earthquake fault zones. Japan is not alone in this. "Peaceful" nuclear proliferation, from west to east and south to north, on nations where continental plates dive down into another adjacent ones release the sheer energy in the form of massive jolts we call earthquake, and its eventual global consequences in the form of tsunami like the one killed hundreds of thousands in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India only a few years ago and now in Japan for which the number of dead and injured are still on painstaking counting roll, should and possibly is already bringing pressure from citizenry to have second thoughts on nuclear technology.

World needs energy, but does it have to be in the expense of sacrificing all the sane safety precautions? And what about all those cold war bred nuclear weapons that are still apparently targeting many nations in the name of preventative measure? Kazumi Saeki writes, "this earthquake produced 30-foot-high waves, far beyond what anyone had imagined, wiping out entire towns. It is becoming clear that the number of casualties might reach the tens of thousands", that can be many folds more if the disaster like this magnitude strikes a nation with not so advanced earthquake safe building infrastructure like Japan has. 

Billions and possibly trillions of dollars get wasted in wars, strategic violence, persecutions of vulnerable of convenient selections in mockingly crafted trials and well planned chess like movements by the super powerful to suppress, subdue and delude the mass populace, while all along, the nature quite possibly possesses the ultimate trick of game, the doom, the checkmate!