Your 'Natural' Herbal Tea May Not Be So Natural

"So why the concern over natural flavors anyway. Because they're not natural. The more natural a food claims to be, the less it usually is. A truly natural food, rarely calls itself "natural," it just calls itself "lemon" or "cinnamon." Moreover, the chemical called "flavor" is virtually identical whether natural or artificial. Banana flavor for example is created by distilling the flavor molecules from a banana using a chemical solvent, while artificial banana flavor is created by mixing chemicals, that result is the identical chemical output."

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  1. Great article. I never thought that some teas that the ingredient "natural flavors" does not necessarily mean "natural." I have to check my Twinings tea for these "natural flavors."

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  2. I don't like to take a drug unless I know how it works, or at least how people think it works. Then I can decide if I think it's worth taking. With most of the natural supplements for constipation, there hasn't been much research on how they work.
    While I believe that serious illness should not be treated herbally without going to a qualified practitioner, herbs in serious traditions like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have been used for far longer than pharmaceuticals. I personally was cured of cellulitis, a very serious illness with a Chinese perscription that was created in the 500s. None of my mother's'diabetes perscriptions have been along that long. And we can have only limited faith in pharmaceutical trials done by and for parties that financially benefit from them or continued research grants.


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