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Feast - a Poem

Feast By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) November 12, 2005 Sea of glowing beads round and plump rising over twilight plateau where growling bear twitches its sunken eyes and hairy paws seeing a skirring pheasant trailing a fleeing rabbit Such the nature of violence in dead leaves of ancient trees where battles raging on between opposing groups of ants and fleas In the troposphere the rumbling wind hot and cold in grumbling confusion flipping up, twisting down debris, molecules enlivened tearing apart superheated turbulence pockets of air bursting out in frenzied gist Down there where bear roams and lion brawls with shrieking hyenas pitch dark crows circle above a big feast

France - Explosion in the Suburbs

France - Explosion in the Suburbs Cars are burning in Paris, suburbs and many other places in France are in chaos. Riots raging, the boiling point of anger have reached for many disheartened youths, mostly the second generation young immigrants from France's colonial past, who had had enough of their being discriminated, subjected to bold faced lies, distortions and many other shrewed political maneuvering made to keep them under perpetual poverty and distress, couldn't take insults any longer. Burning cars, destructions of properties, harming innocent people can no way to be supported, however steadfast and fare their urging may seem, but the inept French politicians like Sarkozy whose naked desires to capture the political right by using derogatory terms describing the French immigrant societies is one of the factors out of many for that the current situation has reached so much in its violent zenith. A prominent anti-racist