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Poems and Musical Devices

I love poetry. The verses written with poetic devices are appealing to me. Writing the first draft of a poem may not be too difficult, but writing that musical, heart touching poem is not so easy. Reading many accomplished poets' memorable poems, a few poems writing guides and searching through the net, the following few rhyming techniques are gathered. Read it, but check with other references and examples. When I was a child, my father taught me how to count words and syllables, but those were meant for poems written in Bangla. I followed his guidance and wrote Bengali poems. As I grew more fond toward English poems, I tried to use the similar techniques. Perhaps still naive, but my current understanding is that poetry in any language has strikingly similar flow and affinity to music through its internal devices. The most common form of rhyming that I had learnt from my poet father was ending two lines with the same sounding words. Mastering this particular technique is not