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Orhan Pamuk attacks 'marginalisation' of non-English writers

".....those writing in other languages, their work is rarely translated and never read. So much of human experience is marginalised." Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk's the above comment is sad but true. There are numerous great writings never get wide international readership. This problem possibly can be resolved if more marketing campaigns can be conducted for translated works in collaboration between the publishing companies and the government. Now that electronic book is increasingly becoming the reality in the world of books, perhaps innovative translating software can play a big role into this over time. Link:

Baked My First Salmon

It was not that difficult. Here is how I did it: 1 .2 kilogram Salmon fillets were defrosted. In a skillet cooked for 10 minutes the following: 1 large onion, bunch of garlic cloves, 2 large tomatoes sliced, broccolis, red and yellow peppers, green beans, 1 large Lemmon sliced with skin, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, turmeric, coriander, paprika. Placed the half cooked vegetable in a baking sheet and container and inserted into a preheated oven (350 degree F) for 20 minutes. Marinated the defrosted salmon fillets with olive oil and Lemmon. Took out the baking container that had baked vegetable, and placed the salmon fillet on top of vegetable. Covered the top of salmon fillets with the remaining half of the vegetable from the skillet. Placed the baking container with vegetables and salmon and baked for 25 minutes. In the end, verdict of the loved one: "not bad". Salmon is full of omega 3 and other healthy nutrients, as are the vegetable used. No need o

Darkness on the Edge of the Universe

Brian Greene's article in The New York Times is a must read that so eloquently reminds the immensity of the cosmos.

The Hazards of the Couch

"...the amount of leisure time spent sitting in front of a screen can have such an overwhelming, seemingly irreparable impact on one’s health that physical activity doesn’t produce much benefit.....those who said they spent two or more leisure hours a day sitting in front of a screen were at double the risk of a heart attack or other cardiac event compared with those who watched less. Those who spent four or more hours of recreational time in front of a screen were 50 percent more likely to die of any cause. It didn’t matter whether the men were physically active for several hours a week — exercise didn’t mitigate the risk associated with the high amount of sedentary screen time....One possible mechanism, demonstrated in animal studies, is that being sedentary may affect lipid metabolism. Prolonged inactivity appears to sharply reduce the activity of an important enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible for breaking down circulating blood lipids and makin

Fitness Basics in Globe and Mail

Various categories of exercise videos are available from the link below:

Election in Sudan - an article to read