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Can Words Describe Grief?

While writing these words, I find myself stumbling, how to say anything on what happened in Pakistan earlier today . Innocent school children in Peshawar and their teachers were murdered. Can poetic words convey the true grief, cries and agonies of souls? Perhaps a gifted poet can, but the ordinary people like me who read or hear this news from near or far find themselves as utterly shocked. How low has the humanity stooped to! These days it is increasingly difficult to get a true picture on what is really happening in the remote corner of the globe like the troubling spots in Pakistan where the lingering battles between the Pakistani government forces and the Taliban and other rebels cost so many lives! Innocent children, women and men are gunned down or blown to pieces almost everyday. As if there are no values left for the human lives! Only remain the boiling anger and vengeance in the name of exploited political and ideological twists. Who is telling the truth and who is not? If o