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Stop the War

1. War is always painful. It brings destructions, devastations and deaths. Peoples' lives and livelihoods are uprooted. Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, nursing homes, apartments, community centers are bombed. Bullet ridden bodies of men, women and children lie on the roads and the side ditches have congealed blood filled rocky ice like compassionless stones.  Human history is full of wars, invasions, occupations of foreign lands and genocides. From the time of antiquity, the invaders and the aggressors try to justify their bloody actions. They cite past injustice fallen on a segment of a population as the precursor. They cite security risk posed by the invaded nation as the root cause of their occupation.  Russian invasion of Ukraine falls into the same pattern.  Was there injustice in breakaway eastern Ukraine from 2014 or before? Most possibly there was.  Did the injustice in eastern Ukraine got world's enough attention? Most probably not.  But does it give any justificat