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A Tribute to a True Mountain Mover - Jack Layton

Words and songs, inspiring and genuine, can move the mountain from a heart. Not pointing to peddlers and charlatans, but the ones who follow their passion through compassionate gestures and actions, are the real mountain movers. A world of frenzy. Men and women, in galore of clothing, going about their business. Where is the time for bluebonnet and the crumbling dreams? Moment by moment, life slips away. A beginning, that seems so far away, as if residing in a distant planet. Those noble goals, working for a fairer world, for equity and justice, submerge under the heavy lifting and daily grinding of struggle. Day by day, ideals vanish. Here comes the glittery allure of mighty wealth and self-indulgence. A true mover of mountain refuses to acquiesce. Even facing the certainty of creeping death from unstoppable disease, frailty of human flesh and decay, the heart of a true fighter, for love and hope for all, keeps beating strong with radiant vibrancy. When that last moment of truth f