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Naive? - a Poem

Naive? – A Poem By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) November 9, 2009 Hear me out Oh beauty and truth! May I stand as cool Or utterly uncouth Hear me out Oh deceived! Oh dishevelled brute! Your bullets and bombs Blast bones, cut veins And arteries Open like flowing river Of blood Splattered on the wall Of concrete or straws Where trail of hands Smear the last thread Of yearn Hear me out Oh fantastic! Oh clever prick! Staged killings Even shed real blood Snuff out life of real Someone’s brother, husband Son and daughter Rest in the coffin, in open graves Or strapped in hospital bed In the name of piety Or is it flagging false Of dying dread? God, Allah, Adonai, Bhagwan, Jesus Christ and eternal Buddha Hear me out! Oh the all mighty! Lord of the universe The creator of animals and serpents In abundance, in treachery Bring down your wrath Bring down Monster pollute Stop staging The very real death Hear me out Oh naive idiot! Begging you Don’t shoot!