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The Army of Salvation - a Poem

Last week my colleagues and I had visited the local Salvation Army as volunteers. The  poem below is written for that occasion. If you would like to donate, check the following site:  The Army of Salvation - a Poem By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) December 20, 2012 We, the BA and the QA team of heart And mind with analysis and quality Took proudly part in helping the army Of salvation in a day of winter chill We gathered in a soulful group of zeal And picked the toys, sorted in carts Checked out, hoping the bliss and joys Will find the hands of girls and boys Bringing the cheery season’s blessings Into the hearts of many in grim distress These are the days of giving These are the days of sharing Twining our meager existence With the ones fallen from the fortune A staffy , a set of miniature cars, crayon And coloring books, nifty festoon Can surely erase tears, bringing smile In mom, dad, children, m

Donkeys – a Poem

Donkeys – a Poem By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) December 19, 2012 i. Their friends are made of Lego, one tiny block snuggled With other block of clay Manufactured in the land of disappeared dream These can be twisted one way Or the other, transforming into cuddled Shape like embracing king Their friends are king of Shadow, blown creepy rock huddled With other shock of ray Often tinkered in the grandiose denatured stream These can be busted one way Or the other, transposing into muddled Ape and brandishing bling ii. Bow your head, salute and walk Like an apocalyptic zombie with blood Smeared lips trembling unuttered words Of crusted poem from the days of rising Sun and beaming moon Here the zombies with guns and Knives with disheveled hair and foamy eyes Twaddle in darkness of spinning light Bow your head, salute and walk Like a ballyhoo mystic lofty with mud Cleared lips mumbling the censored shards Of basted poem from

Struggle - a Poem

Struggle  By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) December 13, 2012 A night bellows the gale and shivers bone From moonlight comes the flood of hail alone Streets and river have merged like brothers sing Where ocean roars behind the trees’ hovering That time waves crashed huts and palace in strokes There went a boy alone clutching straw boats He looked and saw a man with smile in eyes That boy begged and screamed with the waning cries The man of smile just took his eyes away The drowning boy struggled in watery clay Note: I have tried to write this poem using iambic pentameter. You can find more info on this type of metering in following location: I did not find it easy, but the process of writing and thinking in measured lines in stressed and unstressed beat is refreshing. Maybe the next one will be better.

12/12/12 - a Poem

12/12/12 By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) Nothing happened today, this day of Chilly foreboding with snow and wind, The world is spinning On its axis as it did yesterday Or the day before, to the day of primordial Soup where organics electrically charged Perhaps started the dancing of life In a chaos of inorganic and cosmic silence Was the creator unseen even then As He is now, an absentee observant Of immature organics’ killing spree? The pope started tweeting today, sending blessings To devotees of electronic leaning And the Rabbi, Imam, Priests and the orange robed Monks Gave their sacred sermons As they did thousands of years Repeating the words of wisdom from prophets, divinity, and The learned of the yester years Those words in verses glorifying the creator And His divine prowess, shaking the unbelievers With raging premonitions Saying, believe in Him or burn in hell As if our indifference to sufferings of others And gloating at t

Ravi Shankar - Mangalam - Rest in Peace

Rest in peace Pandit Ravi Shankar. His death today is a great loss for the music lovers in all over the world. The following is the lyric of one of this prominent music: Mangalam Bhoomimangalam. Udakamangalam.  Agnimangalam. Vaayumangalam.  Gaganamangalam. Sooryamangalam.  Chandramangalam. Jagat Mangalam.  Jeevamangalam. Dehamangalam.  Manomangalam. Aatmamangalam.  Sarvamangalam Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu.  Sarvamangalam Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu.  Sarvamangalam Bhavatu Bhavatu Bhavatu. "Prabhujee" is another great song by Ravi Shankar in collaboration with the great George Harrison. Both of these great musicians, artists with spiritual depth no longer are alive, but their transcending music live on. English translation of the song Prabhujee is: Oh Master, show some compassion on me, Please come and dwell in my heart. Because without you, it is painfully lonely, Fill this empty pot with the nectar of love. I do not know any Tantra

Of The Murderers in Bangladesh

In the never ending list of murders, extortion, heart wrenching fires and all kind of criminal fiesta, the death of a simple businessman named Bishwajit Das in public view perhaps will be disappeared from newspapers' front pages in a few days. A new sensational news will replace the "old" news, with new blood spill, or the victory lap of the tigers and the wolves, the real ones, not the stuffed tigers or the wolves, but the ones hiding behind the gentle political smile will shed their deceitful skin and will reveal their true monstrous selves! A video clip of this murder (Please don't see this if you are faint hearted) Perhaps this time the people who have witnessed this merciless killing from near and far will not let their anger die down. Maybe this time around the people will not be distracted by empty political slogans.  The murderers' backgrounds are impressive.  Murderer number 1: Noore Alam is a fourth year university student, majoring in