12/12/12 - a Poem

By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel)

Nothing happened today, this day of
Chilly foreboding with snow and wind,
The world is spinning
On its axis as it did yesterday
Or the day before, to the day of primordial
Soup where organics electrically charged
Perhaps started the dancing of life
In a chaos of inorganic and cosmic silence
Was the creator unseen even then
As He is now, an absentee observant
Of immature organics’ killing spree?

The pope started tweeting today, sending blessings
To devotees of electronic leaning
And the Rabbi, Imam, Priests and the orange robed Monks
Gave their sacred sermons
As they did thousands of years
Repeating the words of wisdom from prophets, divinity, and
The learned of the yester years
Those words in verses glorifying the creator
And His divine prowess, shaking the unbelievers
With raging premonitions
Saying, believe in Him or burn in hell
As if our indifference to sufferings of others
And gloating at the so called “enemies” vanquished,
Decimated with hyperbolic dehumanized zeal
Are not the hell, but heavenly in the eyes of sacrosanct organics

12/12/12 – a day like any other day
A bone shivering cold in the northern hemisphere
When the southern part simmering with summer heat
And the tropics brooding temperance
What have we expected? A booming voice
Rupturing the wall of sky, and the ray of light
Unseen before, striking us, curing us from all thoughts
Of ill, weakness of human heart, greed, lust and thrilling kill?
As the dusky twilight of another ordinary day
Receding into unrecorded history
Silently shattering the myths of feel good numerals
I look through the curtained window to the darkening sky
The night is approaching, and a day of tomorrow
And a new year on the corner with vilified thirteen
Another ordinary day and a year
With the same anxiety, existential and feel good story
Of our ending music denoted by sitar and violin
With beating tabla and drumbeat combined
Writhing to a melancholic zen