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Not writing anything, no blog post, no comment. This has become normal for me these days. In the old days, the words flew naturally from the tip of my fingers typing furiously on a desktop or laptop's keyboard to the monitor. So many ideas! So many things to write about! The relentless bad news from media, newspaper, magazines, forums, etc., and there gone I stooping in the corner of my quiet room, typing away the thoughts, opinions, pondering about the humanity, the terrible indifference towards the agonies of the distressed, the blood cuddling wars and the senseless violence, the silence of the vast majority in the face of injustice and shameful bias. The world has not changed much while the flow of my words has ebbed away. The ferocity of the tormentors over the tortured and the oppressed souls, mostly those who have little or no voice to protest, being uprooted or bombed away, incarcerated in the cleverly exploited political maneuvering.This everlasting story from the antiqu