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We are 'children of the same God'

Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants, says we are 'children of the same God' from The Washington Post My deep respect for the great Pope Francis. One does not need to believe the same or any religion to recognize the symbolic gesture of compassion shown by this pious man to the vilified human beings (children, women, men) who fled the wars, many of them are now facing the backlash of bigotry spawning from the political exploitation. Goodness still has the core residence in this world. Pope Francis is one of the good souls like many in different faiths and non faith whose relentless struggles over zealots and fools are the source of inspiration.

What's Happening - a poem

What's happening  Boy, twisted metal Blaring sirens Destroy the  Musical scream Deep into the night Dark time screeches  The passersby School children  Throws the books  Of science and art Out the cryptic window Uttering flamboyant vow Not to return To the lands of the vulgar creep Mourning the mangled dead The bloody hat, prosthetics Colourful, and cheery Riders of the galloping horses Squeezing the eye lids, scrutinize All that look different, hazy Muttering the words of flame Shame! Shame! Shame! Says the neighbour, Shopkeeper, random man With dry washed suit And the lady pushing a stroller Out of here! Out of this land! Says the mass in electronic flare What's happening Had happened before Times and again Here, on this land Where the freedom reign With the songs of glory Of Beauty, goodness supreme There, the invaded, Chastised, incinerated Where little children With dried tears and muffled groan Play tic tac toe  On bloodied mud and stone Or colouring the Easter Egg Near t