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New efficient bulb sees the light

Perhaps the days of currently used "humble light-bulb" will go the ways of dodo. Glasgow University scientists along with scientists from the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde, found a cheaper and efficient way of "making microscopic holes in the surface of LEDs to increase the level of light they give off. This is a process known as nano-imprint lithography. Dr Faiz Rahman, who is leading the project, said: "As yet, LEDs have not been introduced as the standard lighting in homes because the process of making the holes is very time consuming and expensive. "However, we believe we have found a way of imprinting the holes into billions of LEDs at a far greater speed, but at a much lower cost." Link: New efficient bulb sees the light

Benazir Bhutto's Assassination: A Tragedy Born of Military Despotism and Anarchy

Tariq Ali says , "It is assumed that the killers were jihadi fanatics. This may well be true, but were they acting on their own?" -- would it ever be known who were behind these fanatics who killed Benazir Bhutto? Or would it be like another "lone gunman" theory? Another article in The Guardian observes aptly , "Even if a militant group did dispatch the bomber, were they operating alone or as pawns of more powerful figures? Even today, the one other infamous assassination in Pakistan's history, the killing of Zia in August 1988, remains the unsolved subject of many a conspiracy theory." Why call it "conspiracy theory" when even the "non-conspiracy" theory couldn't solve similar other murders, assassinations of political leaders and even mass murders of innocent civilians either remain unsolved or white-washed "investigation" staged by stooges. This morning, a political leader was assassinated in Pakistan, but the pat


Another year nearing its end. 2007 on earth, the lives of many, happiness and sorrow, greed and stupendous philanthropy, the good and the bad, and the middle who are no where in the intensive political spectrum of polarized cacophony. Another year gone by. Some wishes unfulfilled, more memorable moments deposited in memory banks, and the departed, suddenly mortality's crude appearance, literally in a heartbeat, reminding the fragility of everything we see, feel and appreciate. Life is indeed finite, perhaps too short for many, even the centurian may tell you the same. Regardless of which faith, religion or non-religion one may have, or desperately trying to clinging to that soothing feeling of definiteness, the feeling of purpose, and destination, though surrounding are the irrefutable facts of scientific paradigm where faithfuls' yearning and prayer evaporate from simmering empirical evidential logic. Perhaps this is the one life to live. Or perhaps infinite many to live after

NYC hails Muslim 'Good Samaritan'

Words are abound that in the time of absolute distress a man's real character and his integrity or lack of integrity comes out like a shining light or a shadow of darkness. Hassan Askari, a Muslim student from Bangladesh origin put his own life at stake fighting for three Jewish folks whom he didn't know before. "His intervention left him with a possible broken nose, a stitched lip, bruises and two black eyes." Unlike the other hate spewing extremists, like most other peace loving human being, Askari stepped forward in the midst of violent assault when others in that crowded train in New York looked the other way while three Jewish boys were assaulted with anti-semitic taunts, and physical abuses. For Askari, looking other way was not an option, since, "I felt I could not just stand there and watch these people being beaten up without doing anything to help. I believe we are all members of one family, and my religion teaches me always to come to the aid of my fel

Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America

This is a longer version of Naomi Wolf's talk on her recently published book.

Interview with Naomi Wolf

John Kasich "interview" of Naomi Wolf about her new book.

See the all known pattern of "Fox" tactics: Dismiss the coherent arguments with bullying.

Barenaked Ladies - If I Had A Million $Dollars$


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Subzero Thrill - a Poem

Subzero Thrill By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) December 4, 2007 Open your eyes slowly, lift two lids covering restless pupils What you can see right there out in the cold in fragmented snow while the northernly wind slices through woolly jackets and chilled bones a shadow from the past lurking in frosty joy thrilled for subzero flakes as if cold is gold hunting in glorious pits. Shrinking days recedes from elongated nights tipping helter-skelter a man in fright

Wintry Snow - a Poem

Wintry Snow - a Poem By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) November 30, 2007 As far as one can see wintry snow and wind gusty swirling granulated rocks light, flimsy, mashed blocks of miserable coldness What happened to sun the freshness? Clumsy roads like slippery queen tightened lips, moist and clean holding back unknown mystery from the world of screaming feisty