NYC hails Muslim 'Good Samaritan'

Words are abound that in the time of absolute distress a man's real character and his integrity or lack of integrity comes out like a shining light or a shadow of darkness. Hassan Askari, a Muslim student from Bangladesh origin put his own life at stake fighting for three Jewish folks whom he didn't know before. "His intervention left him with a possible broken nose, a stitched lip, bruises and two black eyes."

Unlike the other hate spewing extremists, like most other peace loving human being, Askari stepped forward in the midst of violent assault when others in that crowded train in New York looked the other way while three Jewish boys were assaulted with anti-semitic taunts, and physical abuses. For Askari, looking other way was not an option, since, "I felt I could not just stand there and watch these people being beaten up without doing anything to help. I believe we are all members of one family, and my religion teaches me always to come to the aid of my fellow man in distress."

While describing Askari's Good Samaritan action, Marc Scheier, who is a Jewish rabbis said, "Mr Askari - like the Good Samaritan - was the only person brave enough to intervene. The symbolism of his action at Christmas time is striking - a foreign Muslim coming to the aid of three Jews in an act of kindness and cooperation. People often forget that Judaism and Islam aren't so far apart as the radicals from both sides would have us believe. We are both Abrahamic religions and in many respects share a common faith."

The same is true for another great Abrahamic religion, Christianity, where Jesus' philosophy was based on love, not vengeance. If one explores non-Abrahamic religions, in their true essence, like Hinduism, Buddhism and other great religions, even people who may not subscribe to any organized religion or prescribed deities, the vibrant pulse of humanity drum rolls in every beat from red purplish heart. Occasional heroism like Askari's valor uplifts the sound of beats to its niche, even if only momentarily.

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NYC hails Muslim 'Good Samaritan'