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Dear Prince and Beloved Queen

Rest in peace dear Prince Happy birthday beloved queen Songs of love without mince Bolden Royal smile, pristine I thought you are immortal Will live forever above fractal Of life and villainous death Queen is alive, long live the queen But the bat dancing prince died,  leaving the colourful blooming wreath Scattered around the dismal gloom When the doves cry,  All the birds flutter wings and fly Away, far away.

Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh Is Still a Danger to Many

I thought this problem was resolved years ago. When the news came about more than a decade back, lots of international activities were observed. Many deep wells were dug, many promises were made by successive Bangladeshi governments and international organizations and many sympathetic nations. It's not that all these efforts were just simply fruitless. Many millions got spared from drinking arsenic contaminated water in Bangladesh. But according to this news article published in ABC it is the poor, the most marginalized and the people with no political clout are suffering the most because of rampant nepotism and the overall poor governance in Bangladesh. Here is an excerpt: "An estimated 20 million people in Bangladesh are still being poisoned by arsenic-tainted water — a number that has remained unchanged from 10 years ago despite years of action to dig new wells at safer depths, according to a new report released Wednesday by  Human Rights Watch .   The New York-based