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Beautiful Mansion - a Poem

Beautiful Mansion By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) December 31, 2006 O' Beautiful Mansion glistened, moistened under the elongated rainbow afar waves of sea floating seagulls, running beach goers and tottering babies, whistling children romantic men and women in camouflaged melodrama under meaningful umbrella noosed in the ground like a convicted hangman O' Beautiful Mansion windows made of sparkling glass came from a third world nation where only a few could afford sturdy homes, only the rulers live in mansion like thee the rest dwell in slums, huts made of straws or muds children born, children dies no register, no fanfare statistics O' Beautiful Mansion colorful rainbow over neatly trimmed trees spluttering water drenching budding grass one or two gardeners can be seen planting seeds, mowing overgrown bushes here and there scattering weeds, undesirables plucked and cut in swift precision Tis the season of fresh air Tis the season of new beginning O' Beautiful Mansion away