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Adrienne Rich - a Tribute

Adrienne Rich died on March 27. She was 82. She was a poet with fierce courage and remarkable honesty present in the core of her works. Here is a quote from The Washington Post describing the writer: Unlike most American writers, Rich believed art and politics not only could co-exist, but must co-exist. She considered herself a socialist because “socialism represents moral value — the dignity and human rights of all citizens,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005. “That is, the resources of a society should be shared and the wealth redistributed as widely as possible.”   “She was very courageous and very outspoken and very clear,” said her longtime friend W.S. Merwin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. “She was a real original, and whatever she said came straight out of herself.” One of the famous poems by Adrienne Rich is The Burning of Paper Instead of Children, “an indictment of the Vietnam War”. A good informal explanation of the poem can be found in this link where the e