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The UFOs Cometh! - a Poem

The UFOs Cometh! By Mahbubul Karim (Sohel) January 4, 2007 Look! The UFOs cometh! up in the sky through shifting cloud rotating, gyrating fly the anti-gravity absorbing white shroud free energy spitting grim spinning saucers popping up even among morning slayers hovering at airport like a circus freak the glib and the gullible scream in antique pleasure, cold fear hide behind shadow glass the crook and the cook elsewhere play golf on grass negating all true or false speculations in a warmed up day of sure jubilations Seeing UFOs Overpaid CEOs in screaming frenzy even in the midst of sober elegy on going lament violence in the street ignoring blood, tears, hawkish parakeet the spoofing UFOs grandly appear above snazzy living room through mixed jeers and love Whatever world views may be or may be not whether feel cheated, abstemious or hot Towering diversions, true reality hidden in a black box cage from you and me the gangsters, gunslingers knew it all along play the card right, o'

A Scaffold's Dark Portrait of Iraq

Three articles published recently, two in The Washington Post, one in The Guardian. One article is on January 1st by Anne Applebaum, and another one today on January 2nd, by Eugene Robinson. Mr. Tariq Ali's article, Conveniently Forgotten ", published on January 1st. Ms. Applebaum who correctly observes the following , " Write that Hussein really was an evil man, and you'll be thought an apologist for George W. Bush. Write that his regime resembled Stalin's, and you'll be called a right-wing ideologue. " It's a dilemma indeed. Overall, there is not much dispute regarding Saddam's brutal regime. Ms. Applebaum eloquently writes Saddam's Iraq was, " a country in which the families of political victims received their body parts in the mail; in which tens of thousands of Kurds could be murdered with chemical weapons; and in which, as Hussein's truncated trial demonstrated, the dictator could sign a document randomly condemning 148 people