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Peace Train

I have not listened to many of Cat Steven's music, but this one, Peace Train, a song from 1971 is possibly one of the best songs I have heard. The yearning for peace train is universal ,I believe, regardless of one's origins or politics. Dolly Patton covered Peace Train in 1996 with memorable rendition. In 2006, Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, sang the same song at the Nobel Prize concert at Oslo. Lyrics of Peace Train: Now I've been happy lately Thinking about the good things to come And I believe it could be Something good has begun Oh, I've been smiling lately Dreaming about the world as one And I believe it could be Some day it's going to come 'Cause out on the edge of darkness There rides a peace train Oh, peace train take this country Come take me home again Now I've been smiling lately Thinking about the good things to come And I believe it could be Something good has begun

An Old Song from Bangla Rock Band Miles

One nostalgic song from my past! I loved the music of Miles, a prominent Bangla rock band, composed of some great musicians and singers. I had the honor and privilege meeting with the band after a show in Montreal many years ago. They were awesome in live performance as they were in recorded music. I translated this Bangla song, which is a crude translation, not preserved the beauty of original poetic lyrics. Din gelo abar di fire elo Days are gone and days are returned Shei tumi gele aar fire elena That you went away and never returned Kothae acho tumi kamon acho Where are you and how are you Akbaro kano tumi dekha dilena Why weren't you seen atleast once Din gelo abar din fire elo Days are gone and days are returned Amae chere jodi cholei jabe If indeed you would leave me Ishaaraae kano kache daakle Why did you call me by gesture Ato kache eshe bhalobeshe So close you came with love Ojaanae kano shore thakle Why then

George McGovern Ahead of His Time

Rest in peace George McGovern. A truly great American hero who had the courage and guts to tell the truth as it was, in plain but understood delivery, fought in second world war, knew the consequences of wars and violence, and stood fast against tyranny and corruption. He had lost election against Nixon in 1972, but " much of what George McGovern campaigned for in 1972 came to pass. Both major political parties have a system of nominating a president that is far more transparent, accountable and democratic than the systems that existed prior to 1972. McGovern was instrumental in rewriting the rules for selecting Democratic convention delegates to include women, minorities and young people. (Women, minorities and gays now have far more rights and protections than they did in 1972.)" A few memorable quote from CNN's tribute to George McGovern:  "...he was a man of great vision and grace. He helped to educate a generation about the failures of a rigid and untextu