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Little Bee by Chris Cleave - Untold Story of the Dispossessed

This is the first book I've read written by Chris Cleave, and found his crisp writing to be highly readable, entertaining, and at the same time Little Bee has that unmistakable power rekindling reader's interest exploring the painful reality that many fellow human beings go through every single day around the globe. The central character Little Bee, whose real name is Udo, meaning peace, recollects childhood memories with her family, adventures with elder sister, and horror in the forms of boots and guns that came to their village, robbing her childhood innocence, while fleeing to a promised land does not bring that very promise of sheltering persecution from the paid thugs. Involvement of a family of journalist, the 1 meter height "batman", gives this tragic story another dimension and perspective, from the eyes of a protector, who feels so helpless protecting a refugee child from the onslaught of endless bureaucracy, and bullets. Amid the gloom and waves of sor

Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh

Their realm of influences might be different. One was the innovator of aesthetically pleasing and albeit useful computing devices, making life of many better, and the other soothed the spirits of music lovers with his memorable melancholic songs. Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh, died within few days of each other, bur their contributions to the world may last for a long time. Death is indeed the common denominator, the ultimate destiny we all share. Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford commencement speech was so poignant illuminating this very brief existence that we traverse, while Jagjit Singh's songs invoke that nostalgic and beautiful moments of life, from years past, reminding the mortals to cherish every precious moment of life. Two great men. One common destiny.